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At the heart of a surprising natural beauty ...

With over 621 miles of trails, the Island of Reunion is one of the first destinations for all mountain lovers. The variety of the scenery will constantly amaze you.
Accompanied by qualified mountain leaders, who are also tropical environmental specialists, you can visit the National Park of Reunion with its volcanoes, its biological reserves, its three circuses and its coasts.

Our island offers hiking trails for different kinds of levels and for all ages : from "Discovery" hiking to "Athletic" hiking.

Our specificity is to help you to discover the natural wealth of the island through detailed explanations about the formation of the volcanoes and the flora and fauna of the island.

"Discovery" Hike ... suitable for all ages.

Explore the natural environment of the island through the tropical forests and moors.

Learn to recognize the main species in these fragile ecosystems.

This activity can be practiced by all the public : as a family or as a school activity, as beginners and even for senior persones.

Half-day hike : the Cilaos Forest, the Mare Longue Forest, the volcano and its ericoid heath ...

One day hike : the Piton de la Fournaise, the Belouve Forest, the Ilet Alcide ...

"Athletic" Hike ... an outdoor adventure.

Combining physical efforts with the discovery of the natural environment.

Treat yourself to the summits of the island.

Reserved for experienced walkers, this hike is recommended for the physical preparation of the various mountain races.

Half-day Hike : the Grand Bénare, Grand Bassin ...

One day hike : the Piton des Neiges, the Dimitile, the Roche Ecrite ...

Into the veins of Reunion ...

With nearly 200 listed and fitted canyons, Reunion is the perfect paradise for canyoning. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful place in the world. The variety of its canyons : aquatic or vertical will fill you whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Accompanied by qualified professionals, you will practice this activity in a secured surrounding on the island. The best way to discover the island is though canyoning wich is primarily playfully sensational.

We propose initiation and perfection trips, with several days of expedition for the great adventurers.

Initiation ... fun and magical.

Discover canyoning safely.

Explore magnificent sites, wild and unusual landscapes shaped by water and time through the rock.

Get down waterfalls, slide down natural waterslides and swim in the heart of a luxuriant nature.

Half-day : Mini Fleur Jaune, Gobert, Bras Noir, Sainte Suzane, Ti'Cap ...

All day : Fleur Jaune, Bras Rouge, Trou Blanc ...

Perfection ... engaged et vertical.

Access to bigger canyons.

In search of extreme thrills, discover the great waterfalls and typical aquatic pathways of the Island.

Become more independent through our practice and technical training in canyons with increasing difficulty.

Half-day : Ferriere ...

All day : Fleur Jaune Integrale, Bras Rouge Sup, Dudu, Bras Piton, Bras des Lianes, Cap Blanc ...

Expedition ... human adventure.

Exploration, self-transcendence and humility are the hallmarks of our expeditions.
In total immersion in magnificent and abundant landscapes, the notions of verticality and self-control take full sense.

Your physical and technical skills previously check with us :
- Progress through steep valleys and get down giant waterfalls.
- Bivouac in exceptionnal natural site where sharing your feelings is the base of team spirit needed to human adventure.

2 days : Takamaka, Trou de Fer, Ravine Blanche ...

In the skin of the pioneers...

Because you love hiking, you like to walk several days in the mountains and take time to discover new landscapes :

- Walk along and off the marked track.
- Immerse yourself in a natural and wild environment.
- Feel the emotions of men that discovered new land.

We guide you in Reunion Island, but also in the neighboring islands of Indian Ocean such as Mauritius, Mayotte and Madagascar soon. Further afield, explore South Africa and its National Parks.

Reunion Island ... on the fools footsteps.

Explore the island where the isolated villages, the human settlement history, and the traditions of our protected mountains are awaiting you. Hike from lodge to lodge and walk on forest or cliff trails to access vast and magic panoramas.
Discover the circus of (Mafate, Salazie and Cilaos), the Piton des Neiges and the volcano of the Piton de la Fournaise.

Cross the island in its longest diagonal of 105 miles of marked trails from north to south. This takes you to discover, in addition to breathtaking scenery, isolated living areas, and men and women concerned by their traditions..
trek of 12 days in small group of 4 to 8 people.

The Sister Island and the Perfume Island ... hills and lagoons.

Mauritius : a natural welcome and smile, lagoons fringed by most beautiful beaches in the world, small mountains that you climb with giant step. A nice trip full of contrasts and strong pictures in a paradise place.
trek of 7 days in small group of 4 to 8 people.

Mayotte : discrete and preserved, this lagoon is incredibly rich, its relief is not elevated due to erosion and collapsed land. You go around the island and cross the ylang ylang plantations to access the Benara Mount then climb Choungi Mount.
trek of 10 days in small group of 4 to 8 people.

South Africa ... Cradle of Civilisations.

Cape Region : mix of hiking and guided tour.
Hike freely in the extrem south of Africa, explore the Mountain Table and the Cape of Good Hope. Explore the wine route till the Cederberg Mountain where cave paintings await you.
trek of 15 days in small group of 4 to 8 people.

the Moutain of Dragon : trekking in "Royal Natal National Park" and "Drakensberg National Park".
Hike through the paths and reach one of the largest waterfalls in the world : the Tugela Falls. Reach the peaks of South Africa elevated over 9842 feet and meet Zulu people.
trek of 15 days in small group of 4 to 8 people.

A feast for the eyes ...

Visit the Reunion Island and discover its strengths : Nature has left a legacy of an extraordinary richness of various landscape like in a continent, from desert plains to lush tropical forests, from volcanic landscapes to spectacular waterfalls.
Discover the treasures of the island by combining visits in minivan and walks explanatory. During the tour your guide covers topics such as geology and volcanism, fauna and flora, history and heritage.
It is also the opportunity to meet local people and its traditions through unusual encounters and tastings local products.

Half-day visit, all day visit and multi-day visit.

The Ilet à Cordes road ... the volcano road.

Cilaos, the Ilet à Cordes road : the circus story.
Leave you drive on a spectacular panoramic road, in the deep of the Piton des Neiges, where the men cut the thin and dangerous mountain to reach this long-isolated gap. A real journey and explanatory comments on this circus history : from its volcanic formation to today.

From plains to volcano, the volcanic road : history of a volcano.
Wander along forest road for an explanatory comments of volcano and history of its wonderfull formation. Many scenic stops for the eye with vast and unforgettable landscapes.

The wild South ... Bebour and Belouve Forest .

The wild south : the spices road and the perfumes road.
Discover the wild coast of the island, the active volcano with its lava flows and its little peaks. Throughout the day, enjoy the beaches, the sea and the waves that let loose on lava walls. One of the most beautiful garden in the island welcomes you to tell you a spiced and fragrant story.

Bebour - Belouve : primary forest.
Visit this tropical elevated and protected forest. Discover the plant species (ferns, mahot, orchids, etc ...), bird (merle pei, zoiseau blanc, tec tec, etc ...) and enjoy foresters work on the tamarin des hauts, a native species.

Welcome aboard Aparksa Mountagne ship ...

On board in minivan with 8 persons capacity and comfort (air conditioning and baby seat ), let us guide you to enjoy beautiful Reunion scenery combining the mountain to the ocean.

Your customized trips ...

Whether you live in the lows or in the highs, you need to get around in the island by simplifying your life. We can embark and leave you and wherever you want. We organize transfers of departure and return of your walks.
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