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A must-see destination ...

Reunion Island is a place in the world with a multitude of micro-climates, extraordinary landscapes and varied endemic flora and fauna.
The island was formed by two volcanoes :

- The Piton des Neiges, whose summit rises to 10072 ft, is separated into three deep natural basins of more than 3280 ft : the circus of Mafate, the circus of Cilaos and the circus of Salazie.

- The Piton de la Fournaise, with its height of 8631 ft dominates the southern third of the island. Its frequent lava flows is a delight for tourists and as well as locals. Similarly, the volcanic and desert landscapes are reminders of a nearby planet.

Since the 2 of august 2010, Reunion has been inscribed in World Heritage list of UNESCO for its circus, its peaks and its ramparts.

A jewel ... in the middle of the ocean.

The Island of Reunion is situated in the South West of the Indian Ocean within the Mascareignes archipelago. It is located at 21 degrees South latitude and 55 degrees East longitude.

The island lies about 435 miles East off Madagascar and less than 124 miles South West of Mauritius, the nearest island.

Reunion Island is accessible by air via its two international airports. It can also be accessed by boat from Mauritius or Madagascar.

The fifth ... element.

Extreme island : the island lies within the path of cyclones with its rugged peaks, rising from 0 to 10072 ft in altitude, marked by erosion. The island is a mixture of water, earth, wind and fire and is home to one of the most active volcanoes in the world : The Piton de la Fournaise.

Mixed island : it is characterized by the youthfulness of its population and their various origins : European, African, Malagasy, Indian and Chinese. This coexistence in a limited space made an unprecedented ethnic mix.

French island : Reunion is an overseas department designated by the number 974. Due to its status as an outermost region of the EU its development has been rapid.

A circus, a village ...

Cilaos is one of three natural circuses of the old volcano (the most southern and the driest) with Mafate and Salazie. It was created as a result of landslides and torrential erosion.

Cilaos is also a village surrounded by steep walls, dominated by the Piton des Neiges, the Grand Bénare and the Dimitile.

It is a well known health spa resort due to its hot thermal springs. Cilaos is also known for its embroideries, its vineyards and its lentils.

The coolness and quietness of the area is recommended to everyone who wishes to relax or engage in mountain sports (hiking, canyoning and trekking).

At the end of the road ... at the end of the trail.

Getting to Cilaos by road is easy from St Louis. The road is a 19 mile drive winding through the mountains with over 400 turns before you get to the heart of the circus, nestled at 4002 feet.

By foot, there are several trails :

- the Col du Taïbit at the North-West point, where the hikers come from Mafate.

- the North-East path which leads to the Piton des Neiges through the Grand Matarum forest.

Cilaos previously ... Cilaos now.

The late colonization of the circus is due to the discovery in 1815 of the hot therapeutic springs.

For more than a century, people have been coming to relax themselves in its ferruginous water.

Today, the population of Cilaos is about 6000. It is the capital of mountain activities such as hiking, canyoning, rock climbing, etc ...

It is the starting point of many hikes, and also a great trekking stop-over.

Extreme or leisurely ...

An outdoor sports company created through long and shared experience. Our office is based at Cilaos.

Between the vines, bananas and pears, it is a pleasure to welcome you.

Join us to enjoy hiking, canyoning, trekking and guided tours.

All our activities are supervised by highly qualified professionals.

Our actions ... our philosophy.

Aparksa Montagne :

- promotes outdoor and field activities : Hiking, Canyoning and Trekking
- is involved in ecological education
- is engaged in developing responsible tourism

Alone or in a group, we will share our skills and knowledge of the environment, we will introduce you to some naturals sites and isolated places.

Aparksa Montagne supports and promotes activities in favor of ecotourism.

Thomas ... " follow me ".

A native of Grenoble (France), I have been on the island for over 20 years. A lover of mountain sports, I was at once attracted to the interior of the island. I have years of multiple experience on the Island as a volonter with the French Red Cross and as a sports instructor. I've been trained in the following areas :

- first aid : AFCPSAM with cardiac defibrillator
- lifeguard : BNSSA
- federal : federal monitor of canyoning (FFME)
- university : bachelor's degree in STAPS ~ training and performance
- professional : professional mountain leader certificate and guide with the following qualifications : snowshoes mountain leader and tropical mountain leader
- language: TOEIC certificate (english spoken)
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